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Photo: Bonnie Bones
to look another person in the eye
and really find them there –
beyond the zoological machinery

to see that they too
are falling alongside you
through this waking dream…
Short Films A Final


Since 2017, under the mascot of, Uccellino Giallo Films, I have produced a series of zero-budget, DIY short films. These films serve as experiments in intuitive screenwriting.

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Moon Corridor

(2018 ∙ 26 mins)
Balance An Hour in the Palm of Your Hand.
Uccellino Giallo Films presents a temporal interphase of opposing realities, as two main characters attempt to rationalise the other’s existence or lack thereof. Helene, a young woman living in 1876 Berlin, writes letters to her sister, describing her unusually vivid dreams that take place in a future era. Mia, a nine-year-old living in Kreuzberg in 2018, theorises that her recent headaches give her the special ability to interact with ghosts.  

Parametric 2018

(2018 ∙ 17 mins)
In That Garden Between Here and Now.
Estranged lovers happen upon each other one morning in a garden at Oxford, England. In the years since their last contact, each has lived multiple lifetimes across diverse centuries. Together the pair confess the joys, horrors, loves and failures that forge an entity, concluding that all experience, no matter how cruel, entails a precious uniqueness within the vast, unprejudiced self-reflection of the cosmos. 

The Thinner the Air

(2019 ∙ 39 mins)
Does Your Heart Beat Inside a Memory?
A young woman in Berlin, named Bella, can hear voices at all hours throughout the city. Unlike with her schizophrenic mother, who also suffers from severe auditory hallucinations, Bella’s voices do not speak to her personally, but are more akin to overheard conversations. Despite worries that she will end up like her deeply disturbed mother, Bella gradually opens up and tries to understand what it is that she is hearing, coming to understand that there is an ever-oscillating tide of time, reverberating every moment, past and future, through the ubiquitous flow of the now.  

The Strand of Equilibriums

(2021 ∙ 19 mins)
The Body Moves Through Space. The Spirit Moves Through Time.
An incantation by a Japanese witch in the year 1798, echoes throughout space and time to entangle with a young woman, named Josephine, under hypnotic-regression therapy in 2021. Guided by her therapist, Josephine leaves her body behind to explore the period before she was born, but in the mists of this inner-vacuum, Josephine becomes entwined with the 18th century witch’s conjuration, resulting in startling exchange of identity.

This film was made in collaboration with Savo Cubrilovic and Sarah Timm.

Only An Hour Ago

(2022 ∙ 16 mins)
The Mircosecond Between the Past and the Future is Forever.
A disoriented woman from rural Latvia, having fainted on her farm, awakens in Berlin with no idea how she came to be there. 
Screenplays In Development:

Tale of the Tongue

A Temporary Correspondence of Mass and Energy.
In 1986 an elderly Iranian woman, suffering from middle-stage senile dementia, is interviewed by her granddaughter for a school project. The elderly woman begins to give a vivid first-hand account of the Battle of Eylau from 1807. 


We Tread Upon the Æther.
Lost behind enemy lines during the Peninsular War in 1808, a British Dragoon takes refuge in the home of three mysterious women and an other-worldly child.
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Even Here

There is a place where no weapon can ever touch you.
After a Russian attack in Dnipro, Ukraine, two young women, unknown to each other, await rescue amid the dark rubble of a collapsed apartment building. With reassuring words of consolation and wisdom, one woman comforts the other, though she is not at all what she seems.

This film was made in collaboration with Anastasiia Chala, Savo Cubrilovic and Sarah Timm.
(2024 ∙ 13 mins)
Poety Videos A Final


Beginning in 2016, I have also created a number of Art Brut videos to animate my poetry with imagery, spoken word and music.

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At Long Last


We Pass Away


Terra Incognita


Orbis Tectus No. 3


The Ends of the Earth


The Underground River


Excerpt: October 16th 1973


Remember How We Used to Play


The Syllabus of Disappointments


The Resistance of Ether


Vanishing Point



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Charlotte de Witte: “Meridians Vocal Mix”
One-Act Play: Even Here

More Coming Soon!


Photo: Bonnie Bones
Alice Evermore was born in the United States in 1970. In 1996 she left New York City to move to Brussels, Belgium and became a Belgian citizen. Since 2000 she has participated as a writer in numerous collaborations with contemporary artists, musicians and choreographers, with her work having been seen throughout Europe, North and South America. She has had various texts published in the Leuven University Press, NAi Publishers, Rotterdam, Netwerk Centre For Contemporary Art, and multiple festival publications of the Flemish Community.

In 2005 she relocated to Berlin, where she was one of the founding members of “white rabbit berlin cross-discipline projects”, organising live performances with (among others) Hildur Guðnadóttir (The Joker), Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten), Oni Ayhun (The Knife), NOVELLER (Iggy Pop), Dieter Moebius (Kluster), Jozef van Wissem (Only Lovers Left Alive) and James Blackshaw (Current 93).

Since 2017, Alice Evermore has been writing, directing and producing her own DIY short films combining supernatural and existential themes into poetically-haunted cinematic meditations that explore the mysteries of the universe and human self-awareness.

Alice Evermore’s work is extremely intriguing. Her exploration of the themes of time, space and consciousness is fascinating. The way that she is able to convey her ideas in short films so effectively makes me very excited to see her development as an artist. She seems to blend the Surrealist poetic tradition of Lautreamont with the filmmaking of David Lynch resulting in a singular modern style.

Matt Bilski, Associate Producer (SENSE8 and A HIDDEN LIFE)
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We always have been and always will be dead; yet for this brief instant in eternity, we are aware and mindful. This phenomenon of perception is the dream of being…. And hence the entire spectrum of our experience is destined to be forgotten, we are, in essence, death, having an exquisite and ever-so-fragile hallucination.

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